film editing

A Fork, A Spoon and a Knight

Role: Film Editor
Presented by Montblanc, A Fork, A spoon and a KNIGHT was made as part of the Power of Words Series. In Partnership with the Tribeca Film Institute and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, this initiative inspires filmmakers to explore the written legacy of influential figures and use film as a tool of education. In its inaugural year, the series looked at the teachings and writing of Nelson Mandela as inspiration for story.

Responsibilities included:
• Working closely with the camera and sound departments.
• Taking responsibility for the smooth running of the post production process.
• Running and maintaining the editing systems.
• Working closely with the Director to craft the finished film.

Skill Set:
• Have a thorough understanding the film post production process.
• Be familiar with computer editing equipment and software.
• Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
• Be able to work for long hours on repetitive tasks.
• Have precise attention to detail.
• Have good organizational skills.
• Be able to react quickly and precisely.
• Have a good aptitude for technology.

  • Category : Editing / Film